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Belt Accessories

Conveyor belt accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all have the same goal – helping the conveyor belt move product more efficiently from one point to the other.  

This can be accomplished with belt cleats, which improve incline conveyor and material containment and come in a variety of styles – from traditional cleats, to pegs, lugs, and V-guides.  

Conveyor Belt Transfer Plate and GuardsEngineered transfer plates help prevent product loss at transfer points, providing a smooth transition across the transfer and preventing items from falling under or getting caught in the transfer.  

Hitch guards protect the hitch, preventing small objects from getting caught and causing major damage and costly periods of downtime.

Wherever your products need to go - from one belt to another, from a belt to a chute, or up an incline conveyor - let Flexco belt accessories help you move them efficiently and safely. Flexco has the conveyor parts that are right for your application.  

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