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The people of Flexco are committed to applying superior knowledge and products to make your belt conveyor operation as productive as possible.


From its inception, Flexco has focused on just one thing, maximising belt conveyor productivity. Whether you are a small farm in the Midwestern United States, or a large mine in eastern Europe, or a global parcel handling operation with facilities around the world, we are focused on becoming your number one resource for products and services that maximise your belt conveyor uptime, productivity, and safety.


  • Founded in 1907
  • Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois USA
  • Subsidiary locations in Australia, Chile, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Middle East, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom
  • Employs more than 800 people globally
  • Is a privately-held company
  • Holds 185 patents
  • Over 1800 distributor partners throughout the world
  • Supporting customers in more than 150 countries

Corporate Map

Great People


As one of our core values, we believe that a great business starts with great people who thrive on challenge and are passionate about making a difference. Flexco employs more than 725 people around the globe. We focus on training and development, maintaining a safe work environment, and recognizing our employees for their efforts. The commitment to our employees comes full circle to their commitment to you, our customer.

Valued Partners


Because no one company can provide all the solutions to meet industry needs, Flexco partners with companies that complement each other in providing only the best in products and services. We value industry relationships and believe that together with a team of industry experts, our customers will receive greater value. Hence the association: “Partners in Productivity."

We also partner with a network of the best distributors in every market we serve around the world, making it a priority to ensure our customers have ready access to our products, services, and expert resources to address almost any belt conveyor challenge.

Commitment to the Future


As Flexco continues to grow and expand, the company is poised to meet operational challenges with fresh ideas and world-class innovation. While adapting to ever changing market conditions, Flexco’s experience is the foundation for new conveyor systems solutions, advanced material science, engineering strategies that optimize operations, and predictive conveyor maintenance.

One thing is certain – as your operation seeks out faster, more productive systems, you can count on Flexco’s commitment to your future. 

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Flexco doesn’t just manufacture products; we develop real solutions to your belt conveyor challenges, and we want to be your most valued partner on the job. Read more about our approach to partnership.

With headquarters in Downers Grove, IL, Flexco is proud of its U.S. heritage. We are every bit as proud of our nine subsidiaries that have been established in strategic locations around the globe to best service our customers.

The Flexco portfolio of brands supports our vision. Many of our product brands date back to the early 1900s and are recognized in almost every corner of the globe. Our research and experience shows that customers and prospects know and trust the Flexco name, and by connecting our brands to the source of the value, we believe it strengthens the ability to connect with our customers.

Meet the Flexco management team and some of our most valued subject matter experts. This group has worked side-by-side with our customers, our distributors, and our global sales force in order to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to address the issues of today, as well as forward thinking innovations for the future of belt conveying technology.

Founded in 1907 in a small workshop in Chicago, Illinois, Flexible Steel Lacing Company introduced their initial product line, a belt fastener.

Flexco believes one of the best ways to leverage resources is to work together with industry experts in order to best understand and meet the needs of our customers.