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Parcel Handling

In an industry where downtime can cost as much as $2,500 per minute, Flexco helps Parcel Handlers move packages quickly and safely from sortation to delivery.

Flexco is Conveying a New Future in Parcel Handling

Uptime is critical for parcel handling so you need your belt conveyor system running at optimal performance. We’ve developed an intimacy with the parcel industry and its key players gaining industry expertise and earning a reputation as a trusted partner. From sortation to delivery, we’ll help make sure your packages get to their destination on time and without damage.

With representation in over 150 countries, Flexco has local inventory available near you. And that makes it easy to get what you need, when you need it. With a team of field representatives and global distributor partners, Flexco is grounded in real people who are dedicated to the future of the parcel industry.

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  • Parcel ecommerce


    Online purchases are driving increased shipments around the globe. With today’s consumers spending over $370 billion online per year, the demand for parcel handling is on the rise.

  • parcel throughput


    The largest hubs process over 1.8 million packages per day during peak season, and throughput is predicted to increase by 13% over the next few years. An efficient facility is necessary to keep up with these numbers.

  • parcel uptime


    Uptime is critical within parcel handling operations. Daily deliveries fall behind when facilities operate at anything less than 97% uptime, and downtime can cost as much as $2,500 per minute.

  • Parcel Belt Speeds

    Belt Speeds

    To keep up with increased throughput, facilities have increased their belt speeds, with some belts moving at up to 600 feet per minute.

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