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Cutting Blade Replacements in Half

EZP1 ConShear™ blades


Sand and Gravel


Crusher discharge belt


Rockline® EZP1 ConShear blades


Improve belt cleaning and reduce blade replacements

Conveyor Detail

Three-ply crusher 30"-60" wide
300 fpm 330 P.I.W.
Eight Rockline cleaners at two plants
Crusher discharge belt


What began as a replacement has become a considerable upgrade for an Idaho-based sand and gravel operator, as well as a permanent fixture in the company’s profit picture. For an owner who prides himself on strict maintenance procedures, reliability defines performance. Belt cleaners responsible for the removal of sticky, mucky waste materials proved to be deficient in cleaning and prone to frequent blade replacements. Given the nature of the materials and the daily 8-10 hour, five days per week schedule, blade replacement time resulted in lost production and income.


The Rockline EZP1 ConShear blade from Flexco was installed on a competitive cleaner, creating an unconventional retrofit application capable of delivering impressive results. Unlike conventional blades that lose their cleaning edge and become dull and bull-nosed, the ConShear blade renews its edge as it wears. The blade forms a new shearing edge once wear reaches each new faceted blade section, enabling continuous cleaning throughout the life of the blade. Do-it-yourself installation added to its efficiency.


Belt cleaning has improved, and the number of time consuming replacements has declined. The owner reports blade operating life is two times longer than its predecessor, resulting in half as many blade replacements and a cleaner belt to match. Pleased with this performance, the owner has replaced other belt cleaners at two locations with Rockline.

Product Group

  • Belt Cleaning Systems

Product Line

  • EZP1 Precleaner


  • Sand and Gravel